IP, IT & Privacy law services In a Digital business or digital transformation, you meet many new legal challenges and laws, such as the GDPR. I provide cutting-edge legal services and solutions in IP, IT and Privacy Law for your business. As a speaker, trainer and blogger, I translate the ‘legal language’  into something understandable and…

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Facial recognition in supermarkets: is the end in sight? (Part 2)

Facial recognition in supermarkets: it has its advantages, but there are also disadvantages and privacy risks. The Dutch privacy supervisor sent a formal warning to a Dutch supermarket because of its use of facial recognition. When are you allowed to apply facial recognition, and is it out of sight for supermarkets? I Chu Chao, IT…

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Why musicians are not getting paid yet through Blockchain

Why are musicians not yet paid for their music through Blockchain? Recently, a student from the International Music Management program interviewed me about the possibilities for the use of Blockchain technology in the music industry. The main question is: What are the main (legal) obstacles for the application of Blockchain in the music industry? Data…

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Blog Lawyers who write remain

The lawyer who writes, remains. Really.

Can lawyers actually write? Weird question, because they are proficient in language. Complicated memos and pleading notes, ok, but what about clear texts? Ms. I Chu Chao, an independent lawyer who has her own law firm, Chao Legal, succeeds excellently in this, even in two languages (Dutch and English). Ms. Chao writes inspiringly about her…

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Transfer of personal data in bankruptcy: is GDPR a blocking factor?

More bankruptcies expected due to coronavirus Every week, dozens of companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. The number of bankruptcies is expected to rise significantly in the aftermath of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The question whether personal data may be transferred to third parties after a bankruptcy, has become increasingly relevant. The question arises: Is…

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Five tips to start as independent lawyer

Five tips to start as an independent lawyer. My first year as an independent lawyer just flew by. It was a special year with many highlights, many great clients, assignments and the icing on the cake: a nomination for the best independent lawyer of the year in the Netherlands (Dutch Independent Legal Award)! Are you…

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When children meet a lawyer

40 kids, one lawyer I have given many lectures in the past 12 years, in front of management boards and on stage for large crowds. And I can tell you that a group of 40 kids, aged 8-12 years, is definitely one of the ‘toughest’ crowds you can have as a speaker. But if you…

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Trade Secrets: how to identify and protect your trade secret?

There is a new trade secrets law Since October 2018, we have a new law in the Netherlands about the Protection of Trade Secrets (in Dutch: Wet bescherming bedrijfsgeheimen; WBB), which is based on the European Trade Secrets Directive. This new law did not receive the public attention it deserves, due to the ‘hype’ surrounding…

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Can you restrict online sales?

Restricting online sales is risky business The European Commission fined fashion company Guess €40 million. The reason for this large fine was because Guess had forbidden its retailers to advertise online, and to sell Guess products online to consumers in other EU countries. This kind of online sales blocking is called “geo-blocking”, and it allowed…

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