Stay informed and get inspired with interactive trainings and workshops about IP, IT or Privacy Law

Stay informed and inspired about the new legal challenges of digital technologies, with my interactive, tailor-made presentations, workshops and trainings about IP, IT & Privacy topics and Digital Law developments that are most relevant for your business.

I Chu Chao as a keynote speaker and workshop moderator.

Training and Speaking topics

Legal and Compliance topics are considered to be important, but rather ‘tough’ topics. How to make sure that you and your employees not only stay informed, but also engaged and inspired by the latest IP, IT and Privacy Law topics?

Intellectual Property (IP) and IT topics

I give regular seminars and training sessions about various IP/IT related topics, such as:

  • Legal developments in E-commerce law (legal rules for online sales)
  • Workshops about Trademark law, during a large Startup Event
  • A workshop about Innovation and Contracts
  • The role of IP Law in a company’s lifecycle (from founding to selling)

Privacy Law (GDPR) topics

I give seminars and training sessions about the new EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR). Some examples are:

  • Chinese seminar about the GDPR (in cooperation with EY)
  • Japanese seminar about the GDPR (in cooperation with EY)
  • Start-ups seminar, about the GDPR (in cooperation with EYnovation, the start-up community of EY)
  • Client seminars about Privacy @ Work (in cooperation with EY)
  • EY seminars about Big Data and Privacy
  • A one-day workshop about the GDPR in the HR domain (in cooperation with SAP SuccessFactors and EY)
  • Training EY professionals for the CIPP/E (Privacy certification) exams.

How I make the message ‘stick’

In my tailor-made, interactive trainings and workshops, I always use practical examples, discuss real-life cases, and use online gaming tools to make the message ‘stick’. The goal is to bring the theory to life, and make people really understand the impact of the Legal & Compliance topics in their daily lives.

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