IT contracts and IT Law solutions

With the IT Law services and solutions at Chao Legal, I provide you with practical advice about identifying the best IT contract model for your business, and help you understand how to protect your business interest in IT contracts in an optimal way.

  • Step 1

    Mapping your IT needs

  • Step 2

    Negotiate the right IT contract

  • Step 3

    Enforcing the IT contract

1. Mapping your IT needs

Have you made a list of your IT ‘must-haves’, wants and ‘nice-to-haves’? I can help mapping your IT needs, by:

  • interviewing relevant stakeholders (such as directors, developers and contract managers) and
  • drafting or reviewing the term sheet with the basic requirements for the IT contracts.

2. Negotiate the right IT contract

When you have identified your (legal) IT needs, I can draft the following IT contracts to document the cooperation with your partner(s):

  1. A Master Service Agreement (MSA) or Framework Agreement, with the general terms and conditions,
  2. One or more Statement of Works (SOW) with the specific terms,
  3. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) in which the service levels such as up-time, response levels and other KPIs are included,
  4. A Data Processing Agreement, if any personal data will be stored or processed.

3. Enforcing the IT contract

If contract(s) are not complied with, or if your invoices are not paid, I can help you with:

  • Legal advice and litigation in IT disputes;
  • Drafting default letters;
  • and negotiating settlement agreements.

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Hire me as IT lawyer

Hire me as an IT lawyer if you need help with protecting your business interest in your IT contracts.