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In a Digital business or digital transformation, you meet many new legal challenges and laws, such as the GDPR. I provide cutting-edge legal services and solutions in IP, IT and Privacy Law for your business.

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As a speaker, trainer and blogger, I translate the ‘legal language’  into something understandable and practical. Reach out to me if you need a lawyer for your IP, IT & Privacy project.

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Are you looking for an experienced IP, IT or Privacy lawyer or are you looking for a speaker about these topics, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via the form or just give me a call: +31 (0)6 45 45 88 90

    IP, IT & Privacy law services

    With 12 years of legal and business experience, I understand your business needs.

    Privacy Law

    I help your business in becoming compliant with European privacy laws (GDPR) by performing privacy scans, risk assessments, drafting privacy policies and data processing agreements.

    Intellectual Property Law

    I help your business with identifying the intellectual property (IP), which are usually the ‘crown jewels’ of a business, and with protecting your IP in an optimal way.

    IT Law

    I help businesses with reviewing and drafting various IT contracts, such as service agreements, license agreements, cloud and SaaS contracts.

    Keynote speaker

    I am an experienced speaker and trainer, and I like to write about legal developments in Digital Innovation. Check my articles or book me as a keynote speaker for your event or in-house training on IP, IT or Privacy law.

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    Catch up with my latest blogposts about IP, IT & Privacy law.

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